In 2006 Nor-Cal Blending LLC was formed after experiencing scheduling troubles with the available asphalt rubber blending companies for a paving project.  We felt there was a void in the market for a customer focused supplier that understood the needs of both suppliers and contractors.  Nor-Cal Blending LLC was comprised of three partners with over 40 years of combined experiences in asphalt paving and manufacturing.

With plans for expansion we changed our name to National Blending Company LLC in 2010. With the success of our projects and our customer focused approach we were well received in the market place and made plans for further expansion.  In 2011 National added a third plant, in 2015 we added two plants and in 2016 we added one plant for a total of 6 blending plants giving National the largest fleet of contract blenders available.

To date we have produced binder for over 4,000,000 tons of rubberized asphalt concrete.  Our main goal is to provide excellent service so that our customers have a successful job experience.  We are looking to develop long term working relationships based upon a mutual commitment of success for all parties.  Company ownership is frequently present at the job site ensuring that our work is done to the standard that we have committed.  We are very concerned with quantity as contractors and suppliers ourselves but will not sacrifice quality to achieve quantity.  Since we are a guest in your facility we endeavor to impact your personnel as little as possible and leave your site as clean as when we arrived.

We encourage you to contact us for references. 


Brian Hersh
General Manager
National Blending Company LLC